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Hello, My name is Guineviere welcome to my online store! I started Ginou candles as a hobby in 2020. And now I can call myself the candle maker from Amsterdam. 


Here at Ginou I create eco-friendly scented soy candles to uplift and inspire you.

Smelling a well-scented candle can help relax the mind. It will take you to another place, such as your own private island.

And that is one of my mottos behind the brand.

I love to mix our scents and turn the unknown into something incredible.


All Ginou candles are made from natural soy wax! I chose this route because I wanted to create something great, but also with the ultimate clean burn and it had to be sustainable. I want people to enjoy the fragrance for a long time, and I made that possible with the natural soy candles.

Ginou candles are poured by hand in small batches, which makes it even more special. So keep in mind that when you light a Ginou candle, a person made it with a lot of love!


I would like to let you know that all the packaging I use is made from recycled materials, and some are easily biodegradable! I do not use excess packaging! I only use what is necessary to deliver your order safely and intact to you.


Ginou candles are hand poured into metal tins, and here comes the part we are very proud of. 

The cans I use are 100% recyclable, you can throw away an empty candle can in the waste bin. It is easily removed from the waste stream with the help of magnets.

For this there is no need for a separate collection bin, very handy and environmentally friendly.

The cans are infinitely recyclable without the material losing quality. this means that few new raw materials are needed for production and a lot can be saved on energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



KVK: 74643541
BTW-nummer: NL002342724B59